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GDPR Policy Statement 

The United Kingdom will bring into force the General Data Protection Regulations with effect from 25 May 2018


After that date, we may need your specific consent to retain personal data we hold for you. If we do not receive your consent to the retention of such details, we may be impeded from contacting you about parish events, services, and other matters of interest.


We will never use your data for any purposes unrelated to the Parish or Diocese of Sourozh, and will not provide it to third parties, unless required by law to do so (for example, if required to justify claims to Gift Aid or other tax relief to HMRC), or if required by the canons or diocesan statutes (baptismal, marriage and other records of sacraments).


However, we do want to keep in contact with our parishioners and friends, and therefore we urge you to read the following and respond by email or post with your consent to the retention of the information we hold for you. This information consists of your name, address, email (in most cases) and telephone number (in some cases). In some cases we may hold details of your bank if you have given standing order instructions for donations (or for payments).  


We are conscious of the need to keep your data secure and accessible only by the clergy, trustees and authorised parish officers, for proper purposes and for the good of the Church and Parish.


We will use this information to contact you about Parish and other Church events, for the promotion of our charitable purposes, for the maintenance of accounting records and Gift Aid, and to send you information about services, other events related to parish life in Oxford and in the diocese, along with other matters of relevance or interest. Such other matters may include appeals for funds. As noted, we will not provide your details to third parties unless legally obliged to do so, or you have given specific and separate consent.


We will hold your personal data until we are no longer required to by law or unless you notify us that you withdraw your consent and require us to delete your data. If you do so notify us, we will retain only such data as is required to substantiate Gift Aid claims or other legal obligations.


If you wish to amend or correct the data we hold or exercise your right to withdraw your consent to our retaining your data, you should use email form below.

Be advised, however that if you withdraw your consent to your data being retained, the Parish may be impeded from contacting you about events, services, and other matters of interest. 


St Nicholas Parish will delete any data it holds for you. The Parish may now be unable to conatct you about events, services, and other matters of interest.

If you consent to the Parish retaining your personal data for the purposes listed above, please confirm this by filling the online form below

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