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The Choir

The services of the Russian Orthodox Church include a rich musical tradition. The music for the services is sung a cappella, without instrumental accompaniment, by the choir and the people in dialogue with the priest.

The choir meets for practices on a regular basis, either before the Saturday vigil or at a designated weekday evening.  These practices are essential to maintain our familiarity with the set texts, learn new repertoire and prepare for the forthcoming feasts. No previous choral experience is required to join the choir - only an ability to sing and a desire to take part in this aspect of parish life.  St Nicholas Parish choir sings in two languages, English and Church Slavonic, so some familiarity - however basic- with the Russian alphabet is very useful. However, do not be put off if you cannot read Russian fluently; fluency comes with practice which can only be gained by singing in the choir!

For further details on singing with the choir, please contact the choir director, Grainne Archer, using the contact from below:

We also operate a choir e-mailing list to which you can subscribe, to be kept informed of practices, etc.. 

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