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Parish Administration

Parish clergy


Archpriest Stephen Platt


Parish deacon

Deacon Alexey Kostyanovsky


Diocesan Hierarch

Right Reverend Matthew, Bishop  of Sourozh

Cathedral of the Dormition and All Saints​
67, Ennismore Gardens​
London SW7 1NH

The Parish shall be governed by:

  • ​​The Diocesan Hierarch;
  • The Rector;
  • The Parish Assembly;
  • The Parish Council;
  • The Chairman of the Parish Council.

The Diocesan Hierarch is the highest (governing) body of the Parish.  The Diocesan Hierarch shall supervise and govern the Parish activities.

St Nicholas Parish Statutes 4.1; 5.1

The Rector is the head of the Parish and shall be in charge of its administration.

The Rector shall represent the Parish before governmental bodies and local authorities.
The Rector within the scope of his powers may act on behalf of the Parish without a Power of Attorney.
From the date of his appointment the Rector shall become the Chairman of the Parish Assembly.
The Rector shall also be the Chairman of the Parish Council

St Nicholas Parish Statutes 6:2


Parish Council

Rector & Chair ​of Parish Council:  Fr Stephen Platt

Church warden:  Marianna Colyer
Treasurer:  Simon Jennings

ex-officio: Deacon Alexey Kostyanovsky

Audit Commission

Natalia Lobanova (chair), Matfei Mirnowicz and 

Edda Kornhardt

I'm Another Title

Council of Charity Trustees

Fr Stephen Platt, Nick Graham, (chair),  Simon Jennings (treasurer), Frances Jennings, Maeve Henry, Natalia Lobanova, Svetlana Pavlova

Tatiana Nosova, Anna Platt 


The Russian Orthodox Parish of St Nicholas the Wonderworker (‘the Charity’) is a registered charity   which exists to support the ecclesiastical parish of the same name.  ​The Council of Trustees is the executive body of the general meeting, presenting to it proposals for the furtherance of the life of the charity and implementing its decisions.

St Nicholas Parish By-Laws


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