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Schedule of Services

Normal weekly services

Moleben (service of intercession) to St Nicholas with Akathist

​6.00 pm

Saturday Vigil

​5.30 pm

Sunday Divine Liturgy



Weekday festal  services generally follow this pattern:  Vigil - 6.00 pm; Divine Liturgy - 9.30 am.  


St Nicholas Parish  worships according to the Julian calendar (sometimes known as the 'old-style calendar'), which is at present 13 days behind the civil calendar. For convenience sake the service schedule below lists dates according to the civil calendar.

Liturgical Languages

The languages of the services are mixed, with English, Church Slavonic and occasionally Greek used. ​Weekend services are generally celebrated according to this language pattern:

Normal weekend and festal services take place our parish Church of St Nicholas at 34 Ferry Road. Services marked thus:           take place at the parish house chapel of Christ the All-Merciful Saviour at 2 Bowness Avenue, Headington, Oxford OX3 0AJ

Please note that the text on pink background is the daily commemoration kept by the Orthodox Church on that day, it does NOT denote a service taking place our church.  Scheduled services are indicated in blue.


First weekend of the month

Second weekend of the month

Third weekend of the month

Fourth weekend of the month

English with Church Slavonic

Predominately English

Predominately Church Slavonic

Predominately English 

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