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Church attendance during Covid-19  pandemic

You may book to attend services at this link:

Unfortunately, there will not be room for everybody who wishes to attend to come to each service. Please only book a place if you are sure that you will attend that service. If you find you cannot come, please let us know so that we can allocate your place to another person. Please limit to yourself and/or your family to one liturgy, and if you have been to church recently, consider letting somebody else come first. It is always possible to check at the last minute to see if there are still places available. 


If you have small children, please consider coming to church at the end of the liturgy, when you and they may receive Communion. 


Please do not come to church if you are shielding, feeling unwell, have a temperature, cough or fever, loss of taste or smell or any other symptoms of COVID-19!


When you come to church, please follow the directions given to you on arrival by the volunteer on duty – you can read more on our website at this link:


If you do not feel safe coming to church with other people it is possible to arrange to come in the week, by appointment, when there will be nobody else present, in order to have confession and/or communion. It is also possible to arrange a home visit for the same purpose. You can request either by phone or email.


Confessions are currently only possible by appointment. There is a general confession or prayers of repentance and absolution before the beginning of the Sunday Liturgy.


Baptisms, Weddings, Memorials (Panikhidas) and other special services are now all possible, but only by appointment

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