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Welcome to the website of the Russian Orthodox Parish of St Nicholas the Wonderworker in Oxford. We are a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church within the South East Deanery of the Diocese of Sourozh. 
Of course, the best way to learn more about our parish is to visit the Church and join us for any of the Divine Services.

We look forward to welcoming you in our Parish!

The Parish of St Nicholas the Wonderworker has no affiliation with any governmental bodies, either in UK or abroad (including the Russian Federation). We receive no financial support from any state or church institutions. The work of our parish is funded entirely through the generous donations of our parishioners and friends and through fundraising events..


Our community along with the rest of the world has been horrified by the ongoing tragic and senseless war in Ukraine. We are distressed by the plight of the millions of refugees forced to flee their country, as well the thousands of civilian and military deaths of this fratricidal war between two Orthodox countries. Countless others have been injured, displaced, and are at the threshold of economic ruin.  An ocean of destruction, suffering, and hatred has been unleashed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We, as Orthodox Christians, oppose all violence and aggression. At our services we pray for the cessation of bloodshed, a complete restoration of peace, the well-being of the people of Ukraine and Russia and for Christian love to reign over all God’s people.  We call to mind especially that the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus share a precious inheritance from the Baptism of Rus in AD988  and are united by a common Orthodox faith which cannot but be harmed by the ongoing hostilities, violence and hatred.

St Nicholas Parish continues to offer practical help to our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ.  Many thousands of pounds have been collected by our Parish enabling us to support humanitarian and medical relief work both within Ukraine and amongst refugees. We have been accommodating refugee families in our parish property since the begining of the war, and offer interpreting and advocacy services, a clothing bank, English lessons and general support to all displaced people who are in need.

Above all, we continue to pray ‘for the peace of the whole world, for the stability of the Holy Churches of God and for the union of all’.  

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