Arrangements for church attendance during Covid-19 pandemic 

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We are pleased to announce that public worship has resumed in our church with the blessing of Bishop Matthew and in accordance with the official guidelines.

In order to keep the church open for services, it will be necessary for us to operate according to the following rules:

1. You may only attend services if you have booked previously. You may book via  this link (also available on the parish Home page):


If you would like to attend liturgies for 70+ and vulnerable parishioners, please book at this link:


Please do not come to the special liturgies for 70+ and vulnerable parishioners if you do not belong to these categories, as to do so would compromise those present. 

Please note that it will be only possible to book for one service each week. In order to allow a maximum number of people to come, attendance at the divine liturgy will be limited to once every two weeks.


2. Inside the church everyone must observe a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. Members of the same household/social bubbles may stand together without observing social distancing from each other.


3. Those entering the church are asked to wear a protective mask or face covering.


4. Parents are responsible for the behaviour of children in church. Attending the Sunday liturgy with babies and toddlers is not recommended for the time being, as there will be no possibility to leave and re-enter the church once the service has started. We intend to celebrate regular liturgies on Saturdays for families, and parents are always welcome to bring little children for communion once the Sunday liturgy is over, and the congregation have left the church.

5. Any parishioners that may be at increased risk of severe disease from COVID-19, or anyone with the symptoms of COVID-19 must stay at home.

6. Anyone over 70 years of age and those who are vulnerable are asked not to attend the Sunday liturgy until further notice. A separate liturgy will be held each week exclusively for vulnerable people and their carers, and they will be notified of this in advance. Streaming of services from our church will continue on Facebook ( ) and Mixlr (

7. It is permitted to light candles as normal, but please refrain from kissing or making physical contact with the holy icons or relics.Please maintain social distancing when lighting candles or venerating the icons.

8. For the time being, it will not be possible to request prayer services (moliebens) or memorials (panikhidas) after the liturgy. These may be arranged at other times by appointment.

9. Confessions will only be received by appointment during the week. A prayer of general absolution will be read before the beginning of each liturgy.

10. For the time being, the church bookstore will remain closed and the coffee hour will be suspended. All those present at the liturgy will be asked to leave the church quietly and promptly immediately after the dismissal, to allow anyone waiting to enter the church to do so.

If you have any signs or symptoms of possible infection, or if you are at risk, please stay at home and allow us to pray for you! It is always possible to arrange a visit and to receive the sacraments at home if you do not feel safe coming to church.